Raoul Pal: “I have 80% of Bitcoin and 20% of Ethereum due to the fact of this…”

Raoul Pal: “I have 80% of Bitcoin and 20% of Ethereum simply because of this…” Do you assume Raoul Pal is on the suitable track due to the fact he has so considerably hope in Bitcoin? #Raoulpal #Btc ——– 👇 Check out out these comparable videos👇: “I have Under no circumstances Witnessed Just about anything like what is heading on correct now!” – Raoul Pal Gold & Bitcoin 2021 Is Bitcoin in a Bubble? – Lyn Alden Bitcoin 2021 “In 5 years there will be NO Income” – Raoul Pal Bitcoin “The information is commencing to get out” Bitcoin Mark End of revenue volume – Raoul Pal ——– CREDITS: Hedge Fund Millionaire Presently Investing his dollars in Bitcoin | Raoul Pal | Pomp Podcast #444 By Anthony Pomplian ——- 🔑 Never overlook to subscribe for far more Bitcoin news: If you’re new to this channel, I’d like to welcome you to “Educated Few”. This channel is designed to keep you up to date with the present financial state and assist you continue to be on major of what is actually likely on with the financial system worldwide. We test our best to make the finest educational films to cheer you up when you are down and educate you so you can get more awareness about the current financial state. Good USE COPYRIGHT EXCLUSION Copyright Disclaimer Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 makes it possible for for “good use” for purposes these kinds of as criticism, commentary, information reporting, training, scholarship and research. Truthful use is a use permitted by copyright that could normally be infringing. Non-gain, academic or individual use presents the balance in favor of fair use. -This video clip does not negatively impact the original functions (it would truly be constructive for them) -This online video is also for educational and inspirational functions. -We have only made use of bits and pieces of videos to get the level across the place important. For any copyright concern or business concern ==} Informedfew@gmail.com.

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41 thoughts on “Raoul Pal: “I have 80% of Bitcoin and 20% of Ethereum due to the fact of this…””

  1. Gold has a big problem in that the CBs control it and always keep a lid on it. Look at the paper market and the spoofing that happens. The SEC fines for manipulation, etc. it will continue to happen, period. Bitcoin is interesting in that the paper market doesnt control it, or perhaps control it yet. Interesting future. But the CB’s will want something ( a Crypto) they can really control.

  2. Is the other 2% in foods like grains and rice? this is been repeated multiple times throughout history is things look worse then thay actually are, I'm pretty sure that people thought it was the freaking apocalypse during the first Great Depression but somehow they survived it, the mentality that brings on the expectation "of life as we know it is over" when your reality is much less than that somehow I think people make it out the other side, and some of the decisions that people are making now will are going to seem very foolish

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  4. There is so much great information. Unfortunately it is all in English. China does not get the memo. Brasil does not get the memo. Large parts of Africa and Arabia does not get the memo.

  5. I have always believed in stock market and other Economics activities but is really unfair that 2020 trading and stock market is just difficult and unbelievable which is too bad now I rather invest my money only on bitcoin and gain more profit in return

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  8. nice analysis by the way. Some of us now see crypto as a get rich quick syndrome, the process of earning from crypto or other digital assets takes time and experience on one hand. Like Coach Isaac Steward always say, We dont need to lose focus because an asset didn't go bullish as expected, right now etherum and btc is on a bullish trend but xrp isn't. Although am an xrp holder but i am also involved in crypto trading, and am still holding on to some xrp because i know the digital market is prone to change. in summary we should be more patient with the market, getting an expert or guide to point in the right direction. I believe we have signal service providers all over, but be cautious of which to use, i used couple of signal providers back then, but they were not as accurate as that of Steward's, so be sure to use a prolific signal service. Isaac Steward's can be reached on Tel- – qram (@Isaacsteward) and What's– application (+447782829841) for his assistance. Lets be positive and remain winning

  9. WOW Raoul !! Wish I had the kahunas you got to be goin ALL IN BTC/ETH TOTALLY agree with you but sadly i gotta hav a diversified portfolio My call for me 25% cryptos/Blockchain 25 % Gold/silver 20% CBDs/rare earths 5% Blue Chip stocks Sadly i cant join you BUT sure wish i could KTOTALLY AGREE your call Amen

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  12. The bitcoin ponzi is such a long strategy that those who created it or got in early will have lived out unbelievably wealthy natural lives and died incredibly rich by the time the future and those who pay for it arrives.


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