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Sepior, a provider of threshold key management technologies and solutions utilizing secure multiparty computation (MPC) and SBI Digital Asset Holdings (SBI DAH), the digital asset arm of the SBI Group, today announced the integration of Sepior’s threshold signature software with the sbiwallet; a new wallet service launched by SBI DAH.

“When we looked at our client’s solution requirements, Sepior once again proved to provide the most compelling cryptographic technology that we can integrate as part of our wallet and broader digital asset ecosystem.”
– Fernando Luis Vazquez COO, CEO of SBI Digital Asset Holdings

The partnership began nearly three years ago when SBI Group first chose Sepior to jointly develop the first multiparty computation (MPC) based wallet in 2018. Since then, SBI has significantly expanded its investments, acquisitions and joint developments in digital assets. leading to the formulation of a comprehensive digital asset strategy under SBI Digital Asset Holdings Co., Ltd in 2020.

“SBI has been a fantastic customer and partner. Their broad knowledge of ecosystems, advanced mindset and rigorous commitment to security and scalability have driven us to develop what we believe to be the most secure, flexible, scalable and resilient digital asset technology available. “
– Ahmet Tuncay, CEO of Sepior

Features of sbiwallet

sbiwallet is an institutional quality digital asset portfolio and custody platform. It is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of a trusted partner with best-in-class security, full compliance with regulatory requirements, and flexible deployment.

To this end, sbiwallet uses multiple approaches to ensure asset security, compliance and system security. At its core, it uses the latest MPC transaction signing technology. In addition, it enforces multi-level approvals plus compliance, AML and other controls on all transactions. For implementation, it is a scalable, robust, and adaptable solution designed to support a variety of client trade flows.

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