SpacePort powered by PlasmaFinance: the improved IDO launch

Today, IDOs are becoming a favorite fundraising model among many DeFi projects. The community of DeFi users is also eager to discover new emerging tokens far ahead of everyone else. The fact that there are already many IDO platforms and many more are being launched confirms their demand for them.

While there is no shortage of choice between IDO launch pads in the DeFi space, they all currently play the same role: the role of gatekeepers setting the rules and requirements that projects must meet in order to launch on their platforms. And while most IDO launch pads claim to be decentralized, the above fact alone completely contradicts that concept.

Now add to that a certain amount of inflexibility and a limited number of customizations that projects face, once they are accepted to the launch pad and you will realize why there is a gap in the market that needs to be filled.

DeFi projects are very diverse which means that their strategies, tactics and needs are different as well. This is exactly why PlasmaFinance is launching Spaceport, the IDO launch pad that is tailored for any type of emerging crypto projects and is built to be as flexible and customizable as possible for them.

Unlike other IDO platforms, Spaceport is truly decentralized. The platform democratizes project fundraising – anyone can launch their IDO on SpacePort without limitation or restrictions, barriers or permission. This model is fairer, safer and more transparent.

With Spaceport, the projects can create smart contracts and choose from a wide variety of customizable parameters (eg Liquidity locks, token acquisition, sale price, etc.) through a plug-and-play framework that makes the IDO process simple and easy. eliminating the need for coding.

But that’s not all, excellent projects that add real value to the DeFi space can also be requested for the SpacePort incubation program. PlasmaFinance strives to bring more confidence to the market and protect token buyers, therefore only the best projects will be chosen for the program. They will receive full support from PlasmaFinance from pre-launch to IDO and post-sale and assist with technical support, development, security audits and community building.

They will also take advantage of the platform’s other value-added features such as a dedicated token information page, gas station, and limit order support on PlasmaSwap. SpacePort incubation program projects will gain access to the turnkey community of DeFi users who can deploy PPAY tokens to ensure allocation and take advantage of PR and marketing support provided by PlasmaFinance and its partners.

Based on all of the above, it appears that SpacePort has introduced a new IDO Launchpad model that offers both benefits: projects launching their IDOs and the DeFi token buyers who in turn receive full and transparent information about the self-served IDO projects for make better decisions and be exposed to trustworthy projects vetted by PlasmaFinance for the SpacePort Incubator program.

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