DraftKings Marketplace plans to release the gamified NFT collection in the next NFL season

DraftKings Marketplace plans to release the gamified NFT collection in the next NFL season

The Nation’s Football League Players Association (NFLPA) announced in collaboration with sports betting provider DraftKings Inc. Starting next year, fans will be able to play NFT-based games with their favorite NFL players, according to the company.

OneTeam, the official media business partner of the NFLPA, endorsed the deal with DraftKings and given them the necessary licensing rights to use the name, picture and likeness for active NFL players.

In a statement posted on the DraftKings website, Beth Beiriger, SVP of Product Operations for DraftKings Marketplace said, “The future of fandom is unfolding before us, and few organizations outside of DraftKings are so well equipped to cope with the growing intersection between sports and NFTs that will be cornerstones of engagement and entertainment within Web3. “

The Draftkings Marketplace went live last August with its first Tom Brady NFT collection in partnership with the NFT platform called Autograph, which Brady himself co-founded. Aside from NFTs, Brady continued to show his support for crypto by giving a fan 1 BTC for his 600th touchdown pass.

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The announcement indicated that DraftKings’ upcoming NFTs will allow customers to buy and sell collectibles through the Polygon Network and use them in games against other players. The goal of the DraftKings NFT experience is “to create authentic connections for avid fans,” said Sean C. Sansiveri, general counsel and head of business affairs at NFL Players Inc., the NFLPA’s marketing and licensing arm.

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Last month, the NFL also partnered with Ticketmaster to tie NFT collectibles to selected game tickets when purchased, underscoring the widespread acceptance of blockchain technology by the professional sports league.