TeraBlock is launching an AI-powered trading automation in partnership with Binance Cloud

Investing in the cryptocurrency industry remains a complex endeavor for most people.

Finding the right market to invest in at the right time can be daunting, mainly because of the ongoing volatility. For that reason, TeraBlock has developed a Machine Learning solution for automated trading and investment management that can lower the barriers for those who want to enter the market in a hassle-free way.

Making crypto investment and trading simple

People unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies may find it difficult to invest in Bitcoin or other assets. There is a steep learning curve associated with this industry that a lot of people turn away. Nobody wants to research the aspects of this industry, compare the different markets or find the right time to invest during volatile periods.

In traditional finance, investing in a variety of currencies, assets or markets is relatively easy. Gaining exposure to other sectors can be done through direct means, with or without the help of external parties. It’s a very simple process, but such solutions are a bit hard to come by when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

In the current landscape, one can regularly buy specific currencies through dollar-cost averaging. Setting up this method for more than one currency becomes more complicated than it needs to be. TeraBlock wants to change that story by combining innovative technologies with investments in cryptocurrency.

Leveraging AI and ML for automated trading

It is not entirely uncommon to see artificial intelligence and / or machine learning reflected in financial products and services these days. The financial industry has robo-advisors who help people automate their investments and manage their portfolios over time. In most cases, the AI ​​or ML algorithm will even balance a person’s portfolio, depending on current market conditions and overall risk appetite.

TeraBlock now wants to bring the same approach to the cryptocurrency industry. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, users can gain confidence in a new asset class without friction. That’s an essential element when dealing with notoriously volatile markets, even on a good day. It is not uncommon in this industry to see prices fall or rise by more than 5% in a day.

More importantly, TeraBlock’s solution offers 100% automated portfolio management. Funds are protected from volatility and the algorithm aims for consistent growth over time. Since the underlying algorithm can learn and adapt, Terablock users should benefit from more successful trades over time.

It is equally important to note that TeraBlock provides an easy way to buy cryptocurrencies. With native support for credit and debit cards, buying Bitcoin and other supported assets becomes a lot easier. TeraBlock leverages Binance’s great liquidity to provide competitive pricing for those who want to buy or sell their cryptocurrency at any time.

Different indexes for different risk appetites

As the cryptocurrency industry grows over time, it is essential to invest in the right markets and assets. Rather than figuring out those opportunities for yourself, TeraBlock offers direct exposure to four different indexes. They are based on market capitalization, recent performance, project overview and statistics. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the overall risk appetite.

Once a user chooses a specific index, the machine learning algorithm buys the assets as indicated by the user and continuously tracks the market. Should the market go in the wrong direction, the trading engine will leave that market pair until things return to normal. With the use of low frequency trading, users will not see too many changes in their overall investment basket.

Closing thoughts

Making cryptocurrencies more attractive is an essential part of the evolution of this industry. Slowly but surely, things seem to be moving in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

TeraBlock’s platform shows what the future might look like for crypto adoption. It is a solution that can appeal to both novice and advanced users.

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