The “Advantages” Commit like NOOBS? 100k, a honest thank you

Is it time to quit attempting to outsmart the current market and just trip a FOMO-fueled noob wave to revenue? Let’s chat about why state-of-the-art crypto expense methods are lagging at the rear of fundamental expenditure in “inexpensive” coins and whether or not you need to be taking part in in this recreation. Evidently even the “smartest” traders are investing like noobs to journey the wave of revenue though the industry is sizzling. Also a heartfelt heartfelt many thanks to every person who supported the channel. In no way in my wildest dreams would I have at any time considered that this would get to 100,000 subscribers. To contribute to the Donation Generate to Coin Heart, remember to donate ETH to the deal with beneath: 0xA4b847F63c6B363D9Bc38A1C764b95CeeC0cd72c I match up to 1.5 ETH and deposit it at CoinCenter on January 14th. Coin Heart, and companies like this one particular, give a wonderful services to the full crypto community and I believe it is really crucial we help them in the long run. Come across out far more about them below: Invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin on CoinBase and Get $ 10 No cost: Invest in and Trade Altcoins on Binance – Secure Your Crypto with a Ledger Nano S: Amazon (Quicker Shipping and delivery): Ledger (Slower Delivery, But more affordable): Get a cost-free demo of Coinigy (the investing / charting software program I use): Follow me on Steemit: Comply with me on Twitter: Be a part of the Fb team: Portfolio Monitoring: Blockfolio – CoinTracking.details – Bitcoin. tax – * Some of these links may possibly be affiliate back links, which indicates that if you simply click and get one thing, I can obtain a compact fee at no further cost. I only suggest organizations and solutions that I individually use, and any commissions enable pay back for written content creation. Many thanks! * ** This is not money tips and these are just my have thoughts. As these kinds of, it should not be addressed as explicit economical, trading or or else financial investment suggestions. This is not express tips to acquire these cryptos, do you study oneself. **.

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48 thoughts on “The “Advantages” Commit like NOOBS? 100k, a honest thank you”

  1. To Contribute to the Donation Drive to Coin Center please donate ETH to the address below:

    I’ll match up to 1.5 ETH, and will deposit it to CoinCenter on January 14th.

    Coin Center, and organizations like it, provide a great service to the entire crypto community and I think it’s important we support them in the long run.

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  2. So instead of doing a giveaway which you can at least pretend is giving back, what you do is call a nonprofit which is working in your direct financial interest a charity and tell other people to give money to them. Interesting

  3. Go buy WiC! I kid. It's actuay kinda a cool idea. Only ICO ive invested in..but will it ever pan out? Meh? .03$ though!! Buy it up noobs!!

    Seriously though very scary that maybe the majority of crypto investors think like this. I have a buddy trading coins every day with no clue what each coin even does

  4. Instead of making fun of the new people to the crypto space, why not just educate. This is not to you (cuz i know i learn a lot from your videos) but to the tweet you mentioned. To be honest with you, I was that person like a 2 weeks ago. But I have been getting to know the markets and what makes them tick and I understand that ripple to anywhere close to $10,000 is ludicrous. I watch your videos, as well cryptonick and trevon and for the most part you guys address the traders and the people who basically know the crypto lingo. If one of you could start a video series, something like 'Crypto for beginners' where you can touch base about things like tokens, ICOs, Pre-sales, relation between market cap and price of a coin, etc, you know things like that, (basically the fundamentals), then we can hope to actually see undervalued cryptos on the uptrend and not cryptos like PACcoin

  5. Hey Bobby – I got in into Crypto at the beginning of December and ashamed to say I grabbed XRP back then using pretty much the logic you just described! However, I am learning quickly, and your videos have been a real impetus for me to study cryptos properly. Please could you make a video describing what you look for in a coin? That is both qualitative (e.g. vision, team reputation, community) and quantitative (e.g. market cap, circulating supply / total to be issued etc.) measures that you use to make an informed decision. Would really appreciate your thoughts, cheers!

  6. The idea of spreading out your investments and buying multiple cryptos, rather than going all in on one seems to be a widely used strategy lately. the crypto mentality recently has been like shooting fish in a barrel for some, which is kinda understanding as i have mentioned and used this approach myself, which is, use a shotgun rather than using a sniper rifle when shooting fish in a barrel. aka the shotgun or sniper method lol ltc LYT219uHgb88aw5XGZBRKPX8c5MyfwaevG

  7. TIERION coin
    Partnerships with Microsoft and Phillips
    Low market cap
    Great team
    Great tech
    Working product and platform!
    It's global data verification using block chain and chainpoint and can be integrated with salesforce, gmail, etc. and can be used in almost any business.
    Gonna go parabolic within a couple days.
    Let your audience know

  8. Couldn't agree more with everything you've said.

    Here are some of the things I've witnessed in reddits and telegram chats for some of these mostly Asia pumped altcoins:
    -People selling their cars to "go all in" on a specific coin
    -People begging a company to delay any partnership announcements for a few days until their paycheck comes
    -A founder putting a sleeping bag on his floor of his office during a filmed company tour so people will see his work ethic
    -Token holders becoming enraged at a company for not releasing any new "partnership announcements" in the last FEW DAYS

    The investor exuberance coming out of Asia is unlike anything the investment world has ever seen. Absolutely nothing wrong with diversifying part of your portfolio to these momentum-based trades, while keeping the majority of your portfolio in more long-term investment coins that have all the fundamentals. I see it as basically the difference between "trading" and "investing".

  9. let it be we are going on chart technicals or buying what everyone is talking about that week then you will win, there is no bad news coming out well do fine, just have to keep the MF congress out of the picture


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