The Bitcoin Halving 2020. This will convey BTC to 100k! Are you completely ready?

The significant function is coming…. 1 yr absent. The following Bitcoin Halving occasion will acquire location in May well 2020! Each individual previous halving has pushed the selling price of Bitcoin to an unprecedented amount. Could this be the turning level creating BTC cost to explode? Currently we will review every single previous halving and its influence on the Bitcoin value. Will the previous affect the potential? Will Bitcoin achieve 100k? The Halving Is Coming And Bitcoin Is Ready To Start! 👌👌Subscribe To The Chico Channel– ⏰ Timestamps ⏰ 00:08 Introduction 00:31 The Bitcoin Halving 2020 Is Coming 01:23 The Very first Bitcoin Halving 2012 – What Happened 02:46 The 2nd Bitcoin Halving 2016 – What transpired 03:37 We are near to the inflection place for the upcoming halving in May well 2020 03:54 What is particular about the 2020 halving 04:40 Will mining financial gain influence Bitcoin’s growth? 06:08 Public curiosity will flood to Bitcoin again. Why? 📺Watch These Movies Again📺 B1Nance Charity Rip-off Aspect 2 The Fantastic Bull Run of Bitcoin’s Legitimate Industry Dominance in 2021 🤫►► ► Special Back links from Chico Crypto ◄◄◄🤫 👉🏻Follow me on Twitter 👌👌Subscribe to the Chico Channel- – 💥Buy A Ledger And Hold Your Crypto Safe💥 👍Download The Courageous Browser $BAT & Support Crypto! 💲 💲Do you want to obtain your very first crypto or Bitcoins? Signal up for Coinbase and get $10 in absolutely free Bitcoin 📚 Academic hyperlinks and crypto assets to get began in cryptocurrency Verify the rates and statistics of the most well-liked cryptocurrencies with Coinmarketcap What is Bitcoin, altcoins, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies 🏺Cryptocurrency Donations: Assist The Channel !!🏺 BTC 3ArFPC5ik9tBy8Art6R2X59qiNXatw5EAG ETH 0xF1d402C0175a9fa80dD770e82fa0BD50FDab0EbD ► ►Do you consider about collaborations with Chico Crypto? Organization concerns? 📧 Ship us an e-mail! #bitcoin #btc #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #altcoin #cash #rich #millionaire #invest #buying and selling #altcoins #ethereum #eth #investment decision **Disclaimer** The data contained herein is for informational uses only. Almost nothing herein should really be construed as economical authorized or tax tips. The content material of this video is entirely the view of the speaker who is not a Qualified Economical Adviser or Registered Financial investment Adviser. Buying cryptocurrencies carries a significant threat of reduction. The speaker does not assurance a unique result. Past effectiveness is not indicative of future performance. Open up CDPs at your possess possibility! This info was identified publicly on the world wide web. This details may well have been falsified or misrepresented by the Internet. All information and facts is supposed for general public awareness and is community domain. This facts is not supposed to defame or defame any of the actors involved, but somewhat to showcase what has been said through their social media accounts. Choose this data and do your own research. .

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49 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Halving 2020. This will convey BTC to 100k! Are you completely ready?”

  1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction

    00:31 The Bitcoin Halving 2020 Is Coming

    01:23 The First Bitcoin Halving 2012-What Happened

    02:46 The Second Bitcoin Halving 2016-What Happened

    03:37 We Are Close To The Inflection Point For The Next Halving In May 2020

    03:54 What Is Special About The 2020 Halving Event

    04:40 Will Mining Profits Impact The Growth Of Bitcoin?

    06:08 Public Interest Is Going To Come Flooding Into Bitcoin Again. Why?

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  2. Nice content chico keep doing your thing and thanks for sharing the knowledge always.If BTC hits a million dollars, it will be Bitcoin time traveler.It would crush the dollar, countries would have no choice but consider it legal tender. It would also allow true free market conditions without currency manipulation by countries. Me personally have been trading btc for 5 years now and in my personal opinion there's no way that bitcoin isn't going to skyrocket in value, especially since countries suffering from hyperinflation like venezuela, Malawi, south sudan..etc are strongly looking to integrate bitcoin more so that they can go grocery shopping and pay in btc and other crpto currency. This will continually drive more people to buy some btc for personal use and of course invest in the future,I have been earning consistent amount of bitcoins since i met Mauricio pierce 6 months ago, that i actually had to quit my day job because his trading signals are so on point that i make profts consistently and if you're determined like me in making profits from BTC and looking for professional advice from a trading expert?? i suggest you reach to him on ( Mauriciopierce8@gmail com. i.m sure he'll put you on the right path with his trading analysis)

  3. Thanks for the great videos! When comparing Bitcoin's inflation to fiat inflation, it's important to point out a key difference: Bitcoin's inflation refers to an inflation in the supply of bitcoin, while central banks inflation target does not refer to an inflation in the fiat money supply. Rather, a central bank targets an inflation rate in the price of goods and services, and attempts to adjust the money supply to reach that target. One reason they do this is that it allows them to change what goods and services they use to calculate prices, and thus hide the true inflation.

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  5. CSW's Tulip Trust expires January 1, 2020. Some ppl say this will cause problems if the “Tulip Keys” move any of the 1.1m BTC in satoshi's wallet and he dumps it all for BSV?

    Any thoughts on this chico?

  6. Bitcoin will NEVER hit 100K. There is are no solid factors to even determine this possibility. Bitcoin hit it peak at 20k. You will likely never see even that again.

  7. Jesus christ im doing jumping jacks in my room at 6 am right now. Im not sitting on the sidelines this time around . All fucking in . Litecoin gang where yall at been accumulating since sept 2017. Didnt sell after the obvious pump cause my knowledge of crypto was probably 5% of what it is today. its okay i bought 40 more in the $30s . LETS GO BOYSSSSS

  8. Lots of millionaires and hundred-thousandaires will be created in 2020 because of this. I have a countdown set for 5/23/20 on my desktop and can't wait to see the faces of the skeptics next year. Fasten your seatbelts folks cuz…HERE WE GOOOOOOOOO!

  9. Most commentators on BTC and other coin, seem to be ten minutes ahead (in understanding) of those who watch their vids. The halving seems relevant to price, more so than charts/bollinger bands… Scarcity also seems likely to affect the price.

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  11. You know, at the end he mentions availability on other platforms and coinbase and robinhood. I think this is an excellent point. I have been watching the price and I looked at the market cap and wondered what happens when it doubles it's last ATH or nears 55k when it officially hits a trillion dollar market cap. I bet with all the extra platforms there will be more media coverage then ever at all time. I just wonder when the price will take off after the halving. Year maybe?


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