The upcoming crypto market crash | What You Should Know!

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36 thoughts on “The upcoming crypto market crash | What You Should Know!”

  1. And also the effect of covid. Every western government has just acquired trillions in debt to pay for lockdowns. On top of a shrunk economy. They will go to their usual ways of creating money from thin air. I think that only supports the growth on crypto.

  2. I think it will crash this year or next (2021/2022). That would give 2-3 years recovery before the next bull cycle tied to the halving event in 2024. When bitcoins' value halves, I will look to invest.

  3. Can you review Lamden Tau… it's a blockchain written in Python. They boast 10000 TPS with much lower fees than Ethereum. People are currently developing dapps on the blockchain too ( and … they are weeks away from Eth-Bridge too. I'm pretty optimistic but I'm a hodler … am I biased?

  4. BTC is not a sustainable resource. But it was only a prototype.

    April 2021 is showing major market crashing. But investment in crypto is becomming more business orientated; their are cryptos that are far more sustainable. Examples could be EOS, TRX2.0, ETH2.0 and many more.

    I agree that the truly decentrlaized currencies like BTC and LTC which are unlikely to convert to more sustainable versions stil have another big spike to see; but the current spikes Dip is actually happening later than I expected it. But they are doomed at some points in the next 5 years.

    However substainable, business applicable networks like EOS, TRX, THETA, ETH2.0 and more, are likely to see much higher values.

    Also agregators for exchanges like UNI (Uniswap), KCS (KuCoin), BNB (Binance) and BIKI (Biki) are infact reference to the value of the individual exchanges liquidity and business operations (they are basically profit shares without having the company share); in turn this gives them an unlimited price potential as it gaurneteed sustainability, and gives a market hold position for those token to create a secure investment option.

    Bitcoim itself is just a craze caused by being a new thing and the first product on a new industry. Its not got long left before its final crash.

    Cryptocurrency and Blockchain as a whole is a new industry and a new technology with a lot to offer. People who are willing to hold the losses of market crashes between now and 2030 will be heavily rewarded in the same way that early Investors in the ICT and Pharmacuetic Industries were. People who once brought shared of companies like Google and Microsoft for values under £50 when the companies were worth only thousands have been reward today, now those companies are trillion dollar a year companies.


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