Top 10 Lousy Movies That Ended up Effective

A clever male once reported, “No a single at any time went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Be part of us as we depend down our picks to the top rated 10 undesirable videos that had been profitable. Distinctive many thanks to our end users “J.TOhMyGod !!!” and “Roni Pintchuk” for submitting the plan for this movie to our recommendation page at 🙂 To look at the first voting web site for this listing, remember to stop by: To suggest an strategy for a WatchMojo online video , look at out our new interactive suggestion instrument at 🙂 We have bought T-shirts! Be confident to choose a glance for far more details. Assistance us endorse and translate this online video! .

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Lousy Movies That Ended up Effective”

  1. I wouldn't necessarily call On Stranger Tides bad, it's just pretty mediocre when compared to the previous three. Ever seen DMTNT? It makes On Stranger Tides look like a masterpiece.

  2. What is up with WatchMojo just hating on Spider-Man 3 like it’s awful in every way? Sure it’s nowhere near as good as the first 2 movies but it’s still a good movie but I’m glad Twilight is first

  3. As overrated as it may be, are you seriously saying that The English Patient is worse than Pearl Harbor, Spider-man 3, Crystal Skull and f**king Transformers 2???

    It's one of the most technically outstanding movies ever made; gorgeously shot, beautifully art-directed AND masterfully edited.

  4. You must really hate Ahmed Best because you sure take joy in ripping into his character oh wait people already did that and he nearly killed Himself so good job keeping the hate going

  5. the da vinci code was great and pirates of the was great too.
    Revenge of the fallen was the best from transformers. Phantom manace wasn‘t thhat bad


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