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Waves, a next-generation ecosystem of technologies built on the Waves blockchain protocol, closed the highest sale of an NFT outside of Ethereum with its first Waves Duck called ‘Perfection’ sold for $ 1,000,000 USDN on SIGN Art, a web gallery for blockchain-certified digital art.

To celebrate the sale, the team released its roadmap for a series of NFT gamification initiatives in conjunction with DeFi yield farming mechanics on the Waves ecosystem.

Perfection is the only NFT created in a series of one (1) by Waves founder Sasha Ivanov. It received more than 40 bids in an uncapped auction model before selling for $ 1,000,000 USDN (Waves Neutrino stablecoin) To date, Waves Duck sales are the highest NFT sales outside of Ethereum, beating the “2019-20 LeBron James dunk,” which sold for $ 208,000 on NBA Topshot, and Bitcoin Origin’s “4MB Block (M2),” which sold for $ 345,300. on Atomic Hub

Waves founder Sasha Ivanov today announced that all profits from the NFT sale will be used to buy back NFT duck packs that will be built by Hunters through the Duck Hunters games.

“This week we celebrated Waves’s 5th anniversary and took the opportunity to give back to our community for their continued support and enthusiasm for Waves technology,” said Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves.

NFTs originated on the Ethereum blockchain, but amid a growth in popularity for the coveted digital assets and rising costs on Ethereum, many breakthrough blockchain protocols ares have launched their own NFTs and marketplaces including Flow, EOS, Waves, Tron and more.

“At Waves, all transactions are instant and we have low transaction costs, making it a perfect playground for NFT innovations,” said Sasha Ivanov, founder of Waves. “The NFT games offer new opportunities to participate in the Waves ecosystem in a fun and exciting way and be rewarded at the same time.”

When DeFi and NFTs Collide

Waves has entered the DeFi space through the Neutrino protocol, a plug-and-play algorithmic funding infrastructure and its own interest-bearing stablecoin, Neutrino Dollar ($ USDN), governance strike token NSBT and Swop.fi, an automated market maker built on waves.

The team kicked the Duck hunter games, a series of NFT gamification initiatives coupled with DeFi incentive mechanisms for the Waves ecosystem:

  • $ 1 million EGG tokens will be distributed by the Waves team during the Duck Hunter campaign
  • $ EGG airdrop drives activations in the Waves ecosystem on the blockchain’s native DEX swop.fi, on Waves exchange and members of the Waves Association, SIGN Art and holders of NSBT and WCT
  • $ EGG farming will enable voting and improved breeding mechanisms
  • In addition, Unique Ducks are united in packs bought back by Waves, as announced today by Sasha Ivanov.

“Perfection” was sold on SIGN Art, a web gallery for blockchain-certified digital art. Established in 2018, SIGN Art is the first NFT marketplace on the Waves blockchain and currently features over 170 artists with a total of 1,245 drops and 627 sales. Striking on SIGN Art is free and the publishing cost is $ 1 per edition, which can be unique releases or in sets of ten.

“SIGN Art uses Waves Protocol direct transactions and very low costs to provide an environmentally friendly (PoS) Digital Art & NFT marketplace. SIGN Art includes unique features such as art resource certification and open multi-currency “BID” system, as well as lazy mint (coin on demand) allowing NFT to be minted for free. Our secondary market is expected to go live this quarter, after which we plan to study the possible implementation of DeFi and Governance around the platform and its SIGN token, ”said Christophe Verdot founder of SIGN Art.

For more information, join the Waves Duck Hunters community and view a “Duck Paper” with detailed economics.

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