What do I need to study to understand more cryptography (Bachelor)?

(TL; DR below) Fast Context I’m a high school student weeks away from his finals. I am extremely interested in computer science and cryptography and was wondering what to study. I’ve viewed courses at my local universities, but they don’t seem to offer courses specifically on cryptography or cryptosystems. They offer degrees in math, computer science, or a combination of both. Personally, I am also interested in business and there are degrees that are a combination of that and math or computer science. What kind of education or courses would you recommend to someone who wants to learn cryptography? What books, video series or other material could I use to complement my studies for a more cryptocentric focus. Also what sub topics should I focus on in math or computer science for crypto? I already know how to program and have a decent computer science, I’ve also been developing professional software as a part-time job for a while. I also know that there are many good resources online for learning more in-depth computer science, so I don’t necessarily need to study computer science. Would appreciate your opinion and recommendations, thank you! ** TL; DR ** Do you want to learn crypto, what do I need to study (for my bachelor)? What books should I read to gain in-depth knowledge about cryptosystems and their implementation?

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4 thoughts on “What do I need to study to understand more cryptography (Bachelor)?”

  1. don’t focus on a degree for your freshman year… go for your basics, freshman year is for getting used to doing things yourself so go for the classes that spread across all degree plans and you’ll figure out where to go while still moving forward

  2. Number theory would probably expose you to the basics of algorithms like RSA based on factoring large prime numbers. I was first introduced it in my Elem. Num. Theory course in college.


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