What FPS can the RTX 3090 get in Minecraft?

What FPS can you get in Minecraft when playing with an RTX 3090? It truly is dependent on what you happen to be executing, but the final results are really fantastic! To take pleasure in! My Disagreement: ———————————————– ————————————————– ———- If you want to buy a gtx 3080 or 3090 FE for yourself and you stay in the US you really should verify below (though they are even now generally out of inventory), 3080: 3090: – ——- DOWNLOADS Optifine – Sodium – Sonic Ether PTGI shaders – —————————– —- ———————————————- —- ———————— Tunes C418 – Dragon Fish (Minecraft 1.13 Music) -.

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28 thoughts on “What FPS can the RTX 3090 get in Minecraft?”

  1. Me: can I get the best RTX graphics card

    Mom: why “so you can use it for your games”

    Me: no? This makes me be able to use special things on online classes

    Mom: oh ok hunny we will buy it 🙂

    Me: cluck noice

  2. Also take in consideration that minecraft is a CPU intensive game. A good CPU will get you a much better performance. You may also try adding more ram to your game (like 6 GB is more than enough) but it helps also


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