Will Bitcoin Price tag Hit $ 10,000 In The Coming Days?

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31 thoughts on “Will Bitcoin Price tag Hit $ 10,000 In The Coming Days?”

  1. You're spreading good sound knowledge in the space Sunny – cudos for that. Been slowly readjusting my portfolio to near 80% Bitcoin after watching your vids (and many others) and reading The Bitcoin Standard – and just following the space for a year, buying a lot of altcoins in the beginnning. But the more I learn, the more I slowly realize that (at least for now) Bitcoin is the only one. .

  2. Im afraid your incorrect BTC will drop back going into june alongside the stock markets crashing , theres always been a 30% retracement after a big percentage gain , if your looking at the 4hr chart a head and shoulders pattern is forming or a tripple head , resistance is too strong and all the indicators show price exhaustion at this level , everyone is just getting emotional about the 10k physiological level but the charts are saying the opposite ! Be careful or get crushed

  3. am new to crypto and look at it as an investment. However, i started buying at 7700, if btc retraces to 7150 should I just hodl along the way and buy the dip or should i put in a stop loss. Again im looking at it as an investment. Pls advise

  4. Was surprised to see u post your position. Mad respect man! Ascending pattern is 72% probability. Grabs popcorn* hahaha watched the market for two weeks intensively. The bulls are so stable. So much power rejecting any down movement.


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