Will Halving Launch Bitcoin To $100K? | Details Sprint & The Moon

DataDash & The Moon go over the Bitcoin bull marketplace, the future halving, Bitcoin as a hedging asset and more. Acquire your Cointelegraph items here: Use this code for your 30% discounted in our retail outlet: HODLERSDIGEST30 #Cointelegraph #Bitcoin #CryptoMarkets Subscribe to CoinTelegraph: Observe COINTELEGRAPH: Website: Telegram: Fb: Twitter: CoinTelegraph addresses all matters Bitcoin and delivers you the most recent news, rates, breakthroughs and assessment, with an emphasis on specialist guidance and commentary from the digital forex community. .

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26 thoughts on “Will Halving Launch Bitcoin To $100K? | Details Sprint & The Moon”

  1. 0:59 Is Bitcoin now in a bull market?
    4:34 What are the criteria for a bull market?
    7:41 The true meaning behind "crazy" long-term targets
    9:24 In-flows and Out-flows in the Bitcoin
    10:54 Has the Bitcoin Halving been priced in?
    16:16 How do the FED's actions in the Repo market relate to Bitcoin?
    19:33 Is Bitcoin the solution to the traditional financial system?
    24:32 How does the Coronavirus impact Bitcoin's "safe haven" narrative?
    29:09 What's the most important thing to be paying attention to in 2020?

  2. If you look at the yearly candles, in that time frame, Bitcoin has been in a bull run since birth. Higher lows in every year besides 2015. I don't see this trend changing anytime soon.

  3. How much back door money has "Datadash" received for aiding in the pump of projects? How much did they pay you to attend that Pillar conference and pump the token on your channel? How much did they give you to pump Substratum? Why did you ban me from your comments section dude? Lucky you got your subscribers early in crypto because you wouldn't get them now.

  4. 2 kids. Data dash… life goal was to be a youtuber. Commentating crypto markets fits him perfect… the bias of conversation like this… do we really live in a world that tweets and you tube commentators are considered experts 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Thanks Ivan.I did subscribe to Liz. I told her she is brave to put herself out there. Being an attractive female has its pitfalls as there are ignorant people out there. If she develops a thick skin she will be fine. Having fun and being passionate about the subject she will evolve as you did. I do wish she did a bit more research and included a bit more facts like the estimated amount of bitcoins believed to be lost etc. These little tidbits of info add to credibility and keeps people coming back. All about the research as you well know. Thanks again.


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