You think that ethereum will ever reach currency price up to usd

You think Ethereum will ever hit coin price down to usd, I’m sharing a great video about Ether below. Cryo is generally led by one main currency. Bitcoin BTC. Ether ETH is the number 2 currency by market cap and naturally responds in price movements up or down to news about the Ethereum ecosystem, if that’s good or bad news. But the main price swings of Ethers are in response to the price swings in BTC. The graphs show a very direct correlation with each other. You ask about the year 2025. This is a smart way to think about it. As a super investor, Warren Buffet says, don’t buy assets that you don’t feel comfortable with for 10 years. With all the usefulness that ETH and the ERC20 tokens that come with the ecosystem, I quite coincidentally have that ETH will see a bull run or maybe 2 bull runs by the time we arrive in December 2025. With the BTC price rolling every 4 years, it is possible that cryo will have 2 major price hikes by the end of 2025. The last peak in the cycle was December 2017 when BTC was close to 20,000. ETH was $ 1361.00 on Monday. January 8, 2018 before it started to crash, which was very close to the peak ATH price of $ 1,448 usd in December 2017. So 4 years ahead from December 2017 we get December 2021. That’s a little over 1 year away. Will Ether hit its old high of about $ 1,450 next year? Most likely it will, but that will mainly depend on 2 things. 1 is when BTC hits its old high of around 20k. And 2 if the Ether upgrades and staking protocols are on schedule and working properly. If both factors occur, Ether will bounce a lot IMHO. In December 2021, we could be looking at a 5x current value of $ 413, placing the 2 cryo per market cap at a north per token price of $ 2,000 USD. But that’s just my slightly educated guess. Many say it will go much higher. However, some are timing a much lower peak for 2021 as competition from other cryos like ADA will steal some of the thunderstorm from ETH. Thinking ahead to 2025 now is another matter. We could go through a second roller coaster ride by then, and cryo experts say that could potentially put BTC in 6-digit valuation. Most people eager to predict the price of BTC say it could go north of 100K by December 2021. So in December 2025, it is a reach to say that you definitely know a thing or two about the price of Ether or BTC. but many of them say crazy valuations for both currencies. To even have an idea, you have to zoom out and take a long-term approach. Look at the long-term log. chart of both BTC and ETH. That along with a technical analysis expert adding the moving averages and Fib retracement levels will give you a better picture. That takes a BA degree in Charting that I don’t have so I’m just following someone smarter than me. My go to guy for this is…. … Then with Cryo Capital Venture. He is on Youtube and Twitter. Dan is very down to earth about this stuff and doesn’t live up to the hype / pump and dump, things that are so common on Cryo twitter and cryo youtube. I highly recommend following Dan and checking out some of his videos before investing in Cryo. Please note, I am not an investment advisor and this is not financial advice. I write answers to these questions because it helps me think about them more seriously before buying or buying something. Do your own hom.ewor.k before filling out your hard ea.rned mon. ey in every thing, especially volatile financial instruments like Cryos. .

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